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2024 European Parliament Elections

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Hakkımızda Seçim Özel - KUİR & Sivil Toplum & Avrupa Parlamentosu

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If you have questions regarding any of the five thematic areas covered by the Human Rights Platform Project, please call the Hotline.

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EE24 - Networking Event

We are pleased to extend our invitation to you for a distinguished networking event, organized within the framework of the European Parliament elections. It would be our honor to welcome you at this significant gathering, where MEP candidates will have the chance to introduce themselves and network with the community.

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Anti-trafficking thematic area covers the increasing phenomenon of human trafficking, which involves serious exploitation of the people. The northern part of Cyprus remains as a zone of impunity in regards to human trafficking. The lack of comprehensive legal framework for the protection of the victims and prevention of human trafficking results in systematic rights violations. Anti-trafficking Program aims to address the rights violations faced by the victims and work for a coordinated response to human trafficking.