HRP Project

The Human Rights Platform Project

The Human Rights Platform Project aims to develop a more just, equitable, democratic and inclusive society where human rights are not only respected but cherished.


Very often, Human Rights are violated in the northern part of Cyprus and the CSOs working in

these areas are not strong enough to address these violations in an effective way. This is due to

a number of reasons;

● Civil Society Organisations are excluded from the decision-making processes

● Local bodies are unwilling to implement human rights standards

● There is no systematic and transparent checks and balances

● The judicial system lacks a human rights approach and has a limited capacity in the area

● Local legal texts are not aligned with international standards

● The northern part of Cyprus is not a part of the international monitoring mechanisms

● CSOs are not connected internationally and lack skills and resources

● There is an exhaustion in the society where people are hesitant in claiming their rights

● The media is not independent and does not function on ethical grounds.


Considering all these problems, the Human Rights Platform Project pursues three main objectives within the scope of the project:


  1. To increase the capacity of civil society to tackle human rights violations more effectively and to assume their role as watchdog of a democratic society.
  2. Contribution to the development of a human rights approach in the ‘legislative, executive and judiciary’ system.
  3. Society’s awareness and willingness to take action on human rights violations is increased.


In line with our objectives, the Human Rights Platform Project aims to continue its work in five thematic areas:

1. Trafficking in Human Beings

Trafficking in Human Beings is increasing in the northern part of Cyprus and includes severe exploitation practices. Monitoring and reporting on Trafficking in Human beings, joint working group activities with local bodies, lobbying for protecting the rights of victims and anti-human trafficking measures, providing free legal aid for victims and capacity building activities are undertaken in this thematic area.

2. LGBTI+ Rights 

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and pluses (LGBTI+) face discrimination and marginalisation on a daily basis. Human Rights Platform is working towards providing LGBTI+’s equal access to human rights and increase awareness in this area. Monitoring and reporting on rights violations, legal aid, capacity building activities and devising public awareness campaigns are the activities ongoing under this thematic area.

3. Democratic Participation in Decision Making 

Civil Society is an integral part of a democratic and participative society. Human Rights Platform undertakes activities towards building the capacity of the civil society and creating a supportive and healthy environment for their activities. Monitoring and Reporting on Freedom of Association and Assembly and Freedom of Expression are conducted as well as organising rights-based trainings to increase the capacity of the CSOs. Advocacy and joint working groups are also among the activities implemented.

4. Refugee Rights

Asylum seekers and Refugees’ right to asylum is systematically violated in the northern part of Cyprus, putting them in the risk of being sent back to oppression. Monitoring and reporting on these rights violations, legal gap analysis, capacity-building activities and legal aid to the Asylum seekers and Refugees are provided with the aim of preventing the violation of their rights.

5. Detention Conditions and Freedom from Torture

Prisons, detention cells, jails, psychiatric hospitals, quarantine centres and similar places are not at internationally accepted standards. Human rights violations as a result of these conditions shall bemonitored and reported. In addition, activities towards preventing inhumane and degrading treatment and legal aid to those in need take place under this thematic area.